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Continuous emissions monitoring requirements have changed beyond recognition in recent years.  Increased awareness of environmental concerns and harmonization within the E.U. have led to new, more stringent and more complex regulations and standards.  Previous relaxed working practices have no place in today's market and hence new ways must be found to deal with the demands of current and forthcoming regulation.

Historically, emissions monitoring has had a reputation of being a 'black art', best avoided.  More and more there is a need to ensure that monitoring issues are dealt with by experienced professionals rather than simply tagged onto the duties of an already busy individual.

In many cases it's either not practical or cost effective to employ full time, 'in-house' experts.  In these cases A-Plus Consulting can offer the solution; experienced, up to date services available 'on tap' as and when required, without the overhead of permanent employees.

A-Plus Consulting offers a range of services to assist operators, test houses, equipment suppliers and regulators.  Examples of these services can be found on the following pages.  If your specific needs are not addressed please ask and if within my remit I will be glad to be of assistance.