A-Plus Consulting
Clearing the way ahead

CEM Management

A-Plus Consulting can offer a complete CEM management function covering every step of the process, from the moment a monitoring requirement is identified, right through to final handover and into normal operation.  Alternatively, individual or combinations of the individual requirements may be addressed as required.  The following table highlights the key issues facing process operators in meeting monitoring requirements and illustrates how A-Plus Consulting can assist in this process.

Monitoring Requirement IdentifiedA-Plus can review monitoring regulations and plant characteristics, advising on compliance options.
Procurement SpecificationsA-Plus can compile detailed procurement specifications ensuring that bids meet the monitoring requirements and are easily comparable against each other.
Bid evaluationA-Plus can offer independent review of bids and advice on compliance with requirements.  Selection of appropriate equipment being key to a successful project. 
Factory Acceptance TestingA-Plus can review FAT procedures and witness tests to ensure compliance with specifications prior to dispatch.  Remedies are rarely as cost effective or satisfactory when performed at site.
Site SupervisionA-Plus can supervise installation and commissioning activities, ensuring these vital activities are performed correctly, helping to keep projects to time and budget.
Site Acceptance TestingIn it's simplest form this may simply involve witnessing that commissioning checks and calibrations have been correctly performed, ensuring measurement confidence.  In relevant applications this could entail a full QAL 2 management service.  See the EN14181 Compliance page for further information.
On-going quality AssuranceA-Plus can develop operational procedures and guidance to ensure that operation and maintenance of the monitoring equipment meets on-going QA requirements.  This would help meet Environment Agency O.M.A. and QAL 3 requirements.

Training and Handover

A-Plus can generate and deliver training courses aimed at operators, technicians and management in the preparation, maintenance and management of CEM systems.  Enlightened staff are a critical element in operating a reliable and representative CEM system.  Failure to gain their ownership of installed systems undoubtedly leads to problems.
Periodic TestingPreparation for and management of periodic testing services and where appropriate annual surveillance tests.  Including liaison with the appropriate test house.